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Salary Structure Of The National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA) in Nigeria

In the heart of Nigeria’s scientific endeavours, the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA) stands as a beacon for those seeking to make a mark in the field of biotechnology. As a government agency, NABDA plays a pivotal role in advancing biotechnology research and development across the nation. Beyond its noble mission, NABDA offers an enticing employment package, making it a sought-after employer for scientists and engineers passionate about pushing the boundaries of biotechnology.

Entry-Level Salary at the National Biotechnology Development Agency

For those embarking on their professional journey, NABDA promises a rewarding start with competitive salaries and benefits:

  1. Research Scientist (N1,000,000 – N1,500,000): Delve into groundbreaking research with a generous entry-level salary.
  2. Engineer (N1,200,000 – N1,700,000): Engineers find a thriving space to innovate, coupled with attractive compensation.
  3. Laboratory Technician (N800,000 – N1,200,000): Technicians contribute to the scientific process while enjoying competitive pay.
  4. Administrative Officer (N700,000 – N1,100,000): Administrative roles are crucial, and NABDA recognizes and rewards this with compelling salaries.

Mid-Level Salary at the National Biotechnology Development Agency

As professionals gain experience, NABDA continues to invest in their growth and expertise:

  1. Senior Research Scientist (N1,800,000 – N2,300,000): Acknowledging seniority, NABDA values seasoned researchers with an enhanced salary range.
  2. Senior Engineer (N2,000,000 – N2,500,000): Engineers ascend to higher roles, both in responsibility and remuneration.
  3. Supervisory Laboratory Technician (N1,300,000 – N1,700,000): Lab supervisors guide teams, and NABDA recognizes their contribution with competitive pay.
  4. Administrative Supervisor (N1,200,000 – N1,600,000): Administrators overseeing critical functions enjoy increased compensation in recognition of their pivotal role.

Senior-Level at the National Biotechnology Development Agency

As professionals climb the career ladder, NABDA ensures their efforts are duly recognized:

  1. Principal Research Scientist (N2,500,000 – N3,000,000): Leading research endeavours comes with elevated responsibility and, consequently, a higher salary range.
  2. Chief Engineer (N2,800,000 – N3,300,000): Chief Engineers at NABDA are not only leaders but are rewarded with a salary reflective of their pivotal role.
  3. Laboratory Manager (N1,800,000 – N2,200,000): Managing laboratories is a position of trust and responsibility, and NABDA compensates accordingly.
  4. Head of Administration (N2,000,000 – N2,400,000): Administrators overseeing critical functions at a senior level receive well-deserved remuneration.

Executive Salary at the National Biotechnology Development Agency

For those reaching the pinnacle of their careers, NABDA offers executive-level positions with impressive compensation:

  1. Director of Research (N3,500,000 – N4,000,000): Directing research initiatives at the agency commands a salary that reflects the significance of this role.
  2. Director of Engineering (N3,800,000 – N4,300,000): Leaders in engineering enjoy an executive position with a salary range that mirrors their expertise.
  3. Director of Administration (N3,300,000 – N3,700,000): The head of administration plays a crucial role, and NABDA acknowledges this with a competitive executive-level salary.


What factors influence the salary structure at the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA)?

The salary structure at NABDA is influenced by several factors including the employee’s position, rank, level of experience, educational qualifications, and the specific department or unit they are assigned to. The salary grades are typically aligned with the public sector wage structure in Nigeria, which is governed by the Federal Government’s civil service regulations and policies.

How does the salary scale for entry-level employees at NABDA compare to other federal agencies in Nigeria?

The salary scale for entry-level employees at NABDA is generally comparable to other federal agencies in Nigeria. Entry-level salaries are determined by the Federal Government’s unified salary structure for public servants, which ensures a degree of standardization across different agencies. Specific figures can vary slightly depending on the specific job role and qualifications of the employee.

Are there additional benefits and allowances included in the NABDA salary structure?

Yes, in addition to the basic salary, NABDA employees are entitled to various benefits and allowances. These may include housing allowance, transport allowance, medical benefits, and other job-specific allowances. These additional benefits are designed to enhance the overall compensation package and provide support for the employees’ well-being.

Does NABDA offer opportunities for salary increments and promotions?

Yes, NABDA offers opportunities for salary increments and promotions based on performance, experience, and additional qualifications. Employees are periodically reviewed for performance, and successful reviews can lead to promotions and corresponding salary increases. Additionally, staff can benefit from annual salary increments as stipulated by the Federal Government’s salary adjustment policies.

How does NABDA handle salary payments and what is the typical pay cycle?

Salary payments at NABDA are handled in accordance with the Federal Government’s payroll system. Employees typically receive their salaries on a monthly basis. The pay cycle usually involves the processing of salaries towards the end of each month, with payments made directly to the employees’ bank accounts. The agency ensures timely and regular disbursement of salaries in line with federal guidelines.


Choosing a career at the National Biotechnology Development Agency isn’t just a job – it’s an opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research while enjoying competitive salaries and benefits. As NABDA continues to spearhead biotechnological advancements in Nigeria, it beckons passionate scientists, engineers, and administrators to join its ranks and be a part of the future of biotechnology in the nation.

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