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Marketing Manager Salaries Structure

Are you curious about the financial prospects of an Account Manager role in the United Kingdom? Look no further! We’ve gathered valuable insights into the average salary and additional cash compensation for this position based on data from 30,747 anonymous submissions on Glassdoor.

Average Annual Salary: £47,494

The heartbeat of any profession is the compensation it offers. For Account Managers in the UK, the average annual salary stands at an enticing £47,494. This figure serves as a testament to the competitive nature of the role and reflects the value placed on the skills and expertise required to excel in account management.

Unlocking Additional Rewards: Cash Compensation

But wait, there’s more! Account Managers also have the opportunity to boost their income through additional cash compensation. The average figure for this enticing extra is £9,475. This additional cash compensation provides a noteworthy supplement to the base salary, making the overall compensation package for Account Managers in the UK even more appealing.

A Spectrum of Rewards: Range of Cash Compensation

The allure of a career in account management becomes even clearer when examining the range of additional cash compensation. It spans from £4,009 to £22,393, showcasing the diversity in rewards based on factors such as experience, performance, and the nature of the industry. This range underscores the potential for Account Managers to tailor their compensation based on individual contributions and accomplishments.

Insights from the Field: 30,747 Salaries Analyzed

The data used to derive these insights comes from a robust sample size of 30,747 salaries submitted anonymously by Account Manager professionals on Glassdoor. This wealth of information ensures that the figures presented are reflective of real-world experiences and serve as a reliable guide for those navigating the professional landscape in the UK.


the compensation landscape for Account Managers in the United Kingdom is undeniably attractive. With an average annual salary of £47,494 and the opportunity to earn additional cash compensation ranging from £4,009 to £22,393, the rewards for excelling in this dynamic role are both substantial and diverse. Whether you’re considering a career in account management or evaluating your current compensation, these figures shed light on the financial aspects of this impactful profession.

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