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Housemanship Salary in Nigeria (2023)

In the realm of professions that command both respect and admiration, the medical field stands tall in Nigeria. From medical doctors to nurses, pharmacists to dentists, each role is perceived as noble and crucial, dealing with the delicate matter of human lives. One pivotal phase in the journey of a medical professional is the housemanship or internship, a mandatory one-year program designed to provide hands-on experience in accredited hospitals.

The Coveted Medical Profession:

The medical profession in Nigeria is not just esteemed for its societal importance but is also sought after for its financial rewards. While it may not consistently top the list of highest-paying professions, the stability and comfort associated with the salary structure make it an attractive career choice.

Housemanship Salary Structure:

Before medical professionals can embark on their National Youth Service Corps, they must successfully complete the housemanship phase. This phase, which includes internship for non-doctors, comes with a stipend. Let’s explore the housemanship salaries across various medical fields:

1. Medical Doctors and Dentists:

  • These professionals command the highest pay during housemanship.
  • On average, dentists earn between N150,000 – N180,000.

2. Pharmacists:

  • Working hand-in-hand with medical doctors, pharmacists earn a respectable income during housemanship.
  • The average salary for pharmacists ranges from N130,000 – N170,000.

3. Physiotherapists:

  • In the realm of medical rehabilitation, physiotherapists play a crucial role.
  • During housemanship, physiotherapists earn between N130,000 – N150,000, depending on the hospital.

4. Medical Lab Scientists:

  • Contributing significantly to medical science, medical lab scientists have their place in the housemanship salary scale.
  • A medical lab scientist can expect to earn between N100,000 – N140,000 during the internship.

Challenges in Housemanship Placement:

Securing a spot for housemanship has become more challenging due to the increasing number of medical graduates. Government hospitals often conduct tests to select candidates based on merit, further highlighting the competitiveness of the field.


The medical profession in Nigeria not only holds a distinguished position in society but also offers financial stability, especially during the housemanship phase. Aspiring medical professionals navigate through a rigorous journey, and the housemanship salary provides a glimpse into the rewards that await them. While these figures are accurate as of 2018, slight variations may occur due to periodic salary reviews by some hospitals. As the medical field continues to evolve, the glow of this noble profession remains undiminished.

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