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FCT High Court Salary Structure: How Much Do Court Staff Earn?

In the heart of Nigeria, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court stands as a pillar of justice, entrusted with the responsibility of hearing and deciding cases filed within its jurisdiction. This esteemed institution plays a crucial role in upholding the rule of law, and behind its operations are dedicated individuals, from judges to support staff, ensuring the wheels of justice turn smoothly.

The Workforce:

At the core of the FCT High Court is a diverse workforce, consisting of judges, registrars, administrative officers, and various support staff. These professionals work in tandem to ensure the seamless functioning of the court, contributing their skills and expertise to the pursuit of justice.

Determining Salaries:

The Nigerian Judicial Council, the authoritative body overseeing the judiciary, plays a pivotal role in determining the salaries of court staff in the FCT High Court. The council takes into account several factors when establishing compensation, including the individual’s level of education, experience, and the responsibilities associated with their position.

Salaries Breakdown:

  1. Judges: The esteemed judges of the FCT High Court receive salaries ranging from N2,25,000 to N30 lakh per month. This reflects the significant responsibility they bear in interpreting and applying the law with fairness and impartiality.
  2. Registrars: The indispensable registrars, responsible for maintaining court records and ensuring procedural compliance, earn monthly salaries ranging from N1,50,000 to N2,00,000. Their meticulous work is essential for the smooth functioning of the court.
  3. Administrative Officers: Administrative officers, who play a vital role in managing the court’s day-to-day operations, receive monthly salaries ranging from N1,00,000 to N1,50,000. Their organizational skills contribute to the overall efficiency of the court.
  4. Support Staff: The dedicated support staff, including various roles contributing to the court’s functioning, receive salaries ranging from N50,000 to N1,00,000 per month. Their collective efforts ensure the court runs seamlessly.


In addition to their base salaries, court staff in the FCT High Court benefit from various allowances. These include housing allowance, transport allowance, and medical allowance. These additional provisions acknowledge the importance of supporting the well-being and working conditions of the court’s personnel.


As we delve into the workings of the FCT High Court, it becomes evident that behind the pursuit of justice are individuals dedicated to upholding the law. The compensation and allowances provided reflect the recognition of their vital contributions to the justice system. In the heart of Nigeria’s capital, the FCT High Court stands as a beacon of fairness and equity, with its committed staff ensuring the wheels of justice keep turning.

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