Salary Structure

Engineering Manager Salaries Structure

In the dynamic realm of engineering management, professionals play a pivotal role in steering projects to success. As we delve into the compensation landscape, we uncover fascinating insights into the average earnings and additional cash benefits for Engineering Managers in the United Kingdom.

Average Annual Salary: £87,353

Engineering Managers in the United Kingdom command an impressive average annual salary of £87,353. This figure stands as a testament to the value placed on their expertise in navigating the intricate challenges of engineering projects.

Unlocking Additional Cash Compensation: £9,164

Beyond the base salary, Engineering Managers enjoy additional cash compensation, averaging £9,164. This supplementary income serves as a recognition of their contributions and the demand for their specialized skills in the competitive engineering landscape.

Diverse Compensation Ranges: £4,140 – £20,284

The compensation spectrum for Engineering Managers is broad, reflecting the diverse factors that influence earnings. Salaries can range from £4,140 to £20,284 in additional cash compensation, illustrating the flexibility and variability within the profession.

Insights from Anonymous Contributions

These insights are derived from a comprehensive analysis of 2964 salaries, submitted anonymously by Engineering Managers across the United Kingdom. The anonymity allows for candid and honest reporting, providing a robust foundation for understanding the compensation trends in this crucial professional domain.


Engineering Managers in the United Kingdom are well-compensated for their invaluable contributions to the field. The combination of a competitive base salary and additional cash compensation reflects the recognition of their expertise and the demand for skilled professionals in the engineering management sphere.

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