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Providus Bank Salary Structure In Nigeria

Embarking on a career in the banking sector is a journey filled with opportunities and growth, and Providus Bank Limited stands out as an innovative financial institution in Nigeria. For those eyeing a position in this dynamic industry, understanding the salary structures at Providus Bank is crucial. In this blog post, we delve into the salary details across various roles within the bank, shedding light on what aspiring professionals can expect.

Company Overview

Situated at 724 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Providus Bank Limited is a forward-thinking financial institution offering tailored business solutions and cutting-edge products. With a focus on technology-driven services, the bank is gradually emerging as one of Nigeria’s top financial institutions, actively seeking to employ young and skilled professionals.

Salary Structure for the departments in Providus Bank

Providus Bank Permanent Staff Salary

Entry-level staff at Providus Bank, recruited through graduate trainee programs, can anticipate a monthly salary of around N130,000. This figure is subject to periodic reviews and increments, showcasing the bank’s commitment to ensuring competitive compensation. In addition to base salaries, permanent staff enjoy bonuses and incentives designed to boost morale.

Contract Staff Salary

For those hired on a contractual basis to address immediate manpower needs, Providus Bank offers a monthly salary ranging from N60,000 to N80,000. Contract staff members benefit from favorable working conditions, with the possibility of transitioning to permanent roles based on agreements with the bank through the recruiting company.

Accounting Staff Salary Structure

Accountants at Providus Bank receive monthly salaries ranging from N75,000 to N100,000, resulting in an annual income between N900,000 and N1.2 million. This reflects the bank’s recognition of the importance of financial expertise within its workforce.

Front Desk Worker Salary Structure

Front desk workers play a crucial role in client interactions, and Providus Bank compensates them with a monthly salary ranging from N65,000 to N70,000, translating to an annual income of N740,000 to N840,000.

Graduate Trainee and Management Trainee Salary

Fresh graduates entering Providus Bank as trainees undergo a four-month training period, receiving a monthly salary of N74,000. Upon completion, they transition to entry-level positions with an enhanced salary. Experienced professionals joining as Management Trainees start with a monthly salary of approximately N84,000 before moving to a higher pay grade.

Cleaners and Security Personnel Salary Structure

Recognizing the importance of every role, Providus Bank ensures fair compensation for its support staff. Cleaners receive a monthly salary ranging from N30,000 to N40,000, while security personnel earn between N40,000 and N45,000 per month.


What is the entry-level salary at Providus Bank for new graduates?

The entry-level salary for new graduates at Providus Bank typically ranges from ₦100,000 to ₦150,000 per month. This figure can vary based on the specific role and qualifications of the candidate.

How does Providus Bank determine salary increments for its employees?

Providus Bank determines salary increments based on a combination of factors including performance appraisals, years of experience, market standards, and overall contribution to the bank’s goals. Annual reviews are conducted to assess each employee’s performance and decide on potential salary adjustments.

Are there additional financial benefits aside from the basic salary at Providus Bank?

Yes, employees at Providus Bank receive additional financial benefits which may include performance bonuses, health insurance, pension contributions, housing allowances, and transportation allowances. The exact benefits package can vary depending on the employee’s position and tenure with the bank.

How does the salary structure at Providus Bank compare to other banks in Nigeria?

Providus Bank’s salary structure is competitive within the Nigerian banking industry. While it may not be the highest, it is designed to attract and retain talented professionals by offering a balanced package of salary and benefits.

What opportunities for salary growth exist at Providus Bank?

Providus Bank offers various opportunities for salary growth through promotions, professional development programs, and performance-based rewards. Employees who demonstrate exceptional performance and take on more responsibilities are often considered for higher roles and corresponding salary increases.


Working at Providus Bank is not just a job; it’s an opportunity for professional and personal growth. The bank’s commitment to staff welfare, coupled with competitive salaries and growth prospects, makes it an exciting choice for those seeking a fulfilling career in the banking industry. As you consider your next career move, Providus Bank beckons with a promising future in the dynamic world of finance.

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