Salary Structure

Private Banker Salaries Structure

Are you considering a career as a Private Banker in the United Kingdom and wondering about the earning potential in this dynamic field? Look no further – we’ve gathered insights into the average salary and additional cash compensation for Private Bankers based on 150 anonymous submissions to Glassdoor.

Average Annual Salary: £82,901

According to data collected from Private Banker employees across the United Kingdom, the average annual salary for this role stands at an impressive £82,901. This figure serves as a benchmark for those entering or contemplating a career in private banking, showcasing the rewarding financial aspect of the profession.

Additional Cash Compensation: A Lucrative Bonus

In addition to the base salary, Private Bankers in the UK enjoy additional cash compensation, providing a significant boost to their overall earnings. On average, Private Bankers receive £14,542 in additional cash compensation annually. This extra financial reward adds a layer of incentive, reflecting the industry’s recognition of the unique skills and contributions that Private Bankers bring to the table.

A Range of Opportunities: £6,780 to £31,193

The compensation range for additional cash benefits varies, offering Private Bankers the potential to earn beyond the average. The reported range for additional cash compensation spans from £6,780 to £31,193. This variability underscores the diverse opportunities and potential for financial growth within the field.

Insights from Employee Submissions

These insights are derived from 150 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Private Banker employees in the United Kingdom. The anonymized nature of these submissions ensures that the data is reflective of a broad spectrum of experiences within the profession. Real-world input from industry professionals provides a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape for Private Bankers.


pursuing a career as a Private Banker in the United Kingdom offers not only the fulfillment of working in a dynamic and influential industry but also the potential for substantial financial rewards. As you navigate your career path, these salary insights can serve as a valuable reference point, empowering you to make informed decisions about your professional journey in the world of private banking.

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