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Osun State Government Recruitment 2024/2025 | Application Form Portal

Are you ready to embark on a fulfilling career journey with the Osun State Government? Before you dive into the exciting world of opportunities, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with some key points to ensure a smooth application process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the important details and steps to apply for various positions within the Osun State Government.

  1. Application Limit: One Opportunity, One Application
    • Candidates are allowed to submit only one application. Make sure to choose the position that aligns with your skills and aspirations for a successful career.
  2. Authenticity Matters: Accuracy is Key
    • Submitting false documents or information will result in disqualification. Ensure that all details provided in your application are accurate and verifiable.
  3. Guard Against Scams: The Recruitment Process is Free
    • Be cautious of individuals or entities claiming to assist in securing a job for a fee. The Osun State Government’s recruitment process is entirely free, and any payment request should be treated as a potential scam.
  4. Recruitment Process Overview
    • The selection process involves thorough screening and examinations for shortlisted candidates. Be prepared to showcase your qualifications and skills during this evaluation.
  5. Age Limit: Youthful Energy Encouraged
    • Applicants should be mindful not to exceed 35 years of age to meet the eligibility criteria for the recruitment process.
  6. Clean Slate: No Room for Criminal Records
    • Candidates with a history of criminal activities will not be considered. A clean record is essential to move forward in the application process.
  7. Tech-Savvy Advantage: Computer Literacy Counts
    • Possessing computer literacy is an added advantage. Showcase your tech-savvy skills to stand out in the competitive application pool.
  8. Educational Qualifications: A Foundation for Success
    • A minimum of B.Sc, HND, NCE, or OND certificate from a recognized institution is required. Additionally, a minimum of five credits in WASSCE, NECO, or GCE, including English, is mandatory.
  9. Behavioural Traits: Good Behavior and Composure
    • Applicants must demonstrate good behaviour and composure. Showcase your professionalism and interpersonal skills to make a positive impression.
  10. Health is Wealth: Physical and Mental Fitness
    • Candidates need to be physically and mentally fit for the role. Prioritize your well-being to excel in your potential future responsibilities.
  11. Team Player: Collaboration is Key
    • Strong teamwork and analytical skills are essential. Emphasize your ability to work effectively with others to contribute to the overall success of the team.
  12. Embrace Change: Experimental Attitude
    • Applicants should be open to experimentation and new approaches. Highlight your adaptability and eagerness to contribute to innovative solutions.
  13. Land Transaction Know-How: An Added Advantage
    • A basic understanding of land transactions and laws is beneficial. If you possess relevant knowledge, make sure to emphasize it in your application.
  14. Experience Pays Off: Previous Work Experience
    • Previous work experience is advantageous. Showcase your accomplishments and experiences that make you a valuable candidate for the position.
  15. Communication is Key: Interpersonal Skills Matter
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills are necessary. Highlight instances where your communication skills played a pivotal role in achieving positive outcomes.
  16. Identification Matters: Valid ID Required
    • All candidates must possess valid identification such as a driver’s license, National ID card, passport, or voter’s card. Ensure that your identification documents are up-to-date.

How to Apply for Osun State Government Recruitment:

  1. Visit the official Osun State Government recruitment portal:
  2. Choose your preferred job position based on your skills and interests.
  3. Thoroughly review the job requirements and description to tailor your application accordingly.
  4. Click on “Apply Now” to access the application form.
  5. Complete all required information in the application form with accuracy and attention to detail.
  6. Submit your application and await further instructions.
  7. After submission, don’t forget to print the confirmation slip for your records.

FAQs on Osun State Government Recruitment 2024/2025

When will the Osun State Government Recruitment for 2024/2025 commence?

The official commencement date for the Osun State Government Recruitment for 2024/2025 has not been announced yet. Keep an eye on official government channels, such as the Osun State Civil Service Commission website and local newspapers, for updates.

What positions are available for recruitment in Osun State Government for 2024/2025?

The available positions for recruitment in the Osun State Government for 2024/2025 vary depending on the needs of the government at that time. Positions may include roles in education, healthcare, administration, finance, engineering, and more. Specific details will be provided in the recruitment advertisement.

How can I apply for the Osun State Government Recruitment 2024/2025?

To apply for the Osun State Government Recruitment for 2024/2025, interested candidates should follow the guidelines outlined in the official recruitment advertisement. Typically, applicants will be required to fill out an application form, provide necessary documents, and submit their applications through the designated channels, such as an online portal or submission to specified government offices.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Osun State Government Recruitment 2024/2025?

Eligibility criteria for the Osun State Government Recruitment for 2024/2025 will be specified in the official recruitment advertisement. Typically, candidates must possess certain educational qualifications, meet age requirements, and fulfil any other criteria outlined by the Civil Service Commission. It’s important to thoroughly review the eligibility criteria before applying.

Is there an age limit for applicants in the Osun State Government Recruitment 2024/2025?

The age limit for applicants in the Osun State Government Recruitment for 2024/2025 may vary depending on the specific positions and requirements set forth by the Civil Service Commission. Typically, there may be minimum and maximum age limits specified in the recruitment advertisement. Applicants should carefully review the age requirements outlined in the advertisement before applying.


Embarking on a career with the Osun State Government is a promising opportunity for growth and contribution to the community. By adhering to the guidelines and presenting your qualifications effectively, you increase your chances of being part of a dynamic and impactful team. Best of luck in your application process!

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