List Of Courses At Interlink Polytechnic

Are you looking to kickstart your academic journey and achieve your professional dreams? Look no further than Interlink Polytechnic, a leading institution in Nigeria offering a wide array of courses across diverse fields. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a tour of the extensive courses available, categorized by their respective departments.

Department of Business and Management Studies

  1. Business Administration: Gain a complete understanding of business principles, preparing you for leadership and entrepreneurial roles in various industries.
  2. Accountancy: Acquire advanced knowledge and practical skills in accounting, financial analysis, and taxation.
  3. Marketing: Cultivate expertise in market research, consumer behavior, and effective marketing strategies for success in marketing and advertising fields.
  4. Mass Communication: Develop strong communication skills and theoretical knowledge in journalism, public relations, and media production, preparing you for dynamic careers in the media landscape.

Department of Applied Sciences

  1. Computer Science: Equip yourself with essential knowledge and skills in software development, computer programming, and related technologies for success in the digital world.
  2. Statistics: Build a strong foundation in data analysis, interpretation, and statistical modeling, preparing you for careers in research, data science, and various analytical fields.

Department of Engineering Technology

  1. Electrical/Electronics Engineering: Dive into the design, analysis, and maintenance of electrical and electronic systems, empowering you to contribute significantly to the engineering and technology sector.
  2. Computer Engineering: Combine computer science and electronics knowledge for a unique perspective on designing and developing computer systems, opening doors to exciting career opportunities.

Department of Environmental Studies

  1. Estate Management: Equip yourself with expertise to manage real estate properties effectively, covering valuation, marketing, legal aspects, and sustainable development practices for success in the dynamic real estate industry.

This is just a glimpse into the diverse academic landscape at Interlink Polytechnic. Each program is meticulously designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and industry-specific expertise to excel in your chosen field.

Interlink Polytechnic goes beyond its curriculum, offering modern facilities, experienced faculty, and a vibrant campus community. This fosters a supportive learning environment that empowers you to thrive both academically and personally.

Ready to start your journey toward a fulfilling career? Explore the official Interlink Polytechnic website for detailed information about each program, including curriculum descriptions, admission requirements, application procedures, and fees.


How do I apply to Interlink Polytechnic?

Visit the official website for detailed application procedures and requirements.

What makes Interlink Polytechnic unique?

Interlink Polytechnic stands out with modern facilities, experienced faculty, and a supportive learning environment.

Can I pursue a career in data science with a Statistics degree?

Absolutely! The Statistics program prepares you for a career in research, data science, and various analytical fields.

Tell me more about the Mass Communication program.

The Mass Communication program develops strong communication skills and theoretical knowledge in journalism, public relations, and media production.

Are there opportunities for hands-on experience in the engineering programs?

Yes, the engineering programs at Interlink Polytechnic offer practical experience to enhance your skills in the field.

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