Igbajo Polytechnic Cut Off Mark (2024/2025)

Welcome to our guide on Igbajo Polytechnic’s Cut Off Mark for the 2024/2025 academic session. If you’re considering attending this private polytechnic in Osun State, Nigeria, read on to find essential information about the cut-off mark and tips on how to enhance your chances of meeting it.

Igbajo Polytechnic Cut Off Mark

The cut-off mark for Igbajo Polytechnic in the upcoming academic session is set at 140. This signifies that you must attain a minimum score of 140 in the JAMB UTME to qualify for admission to the polytechnic.

Tips to Improve Your Chances

  1. Diligent UTME Preparation:
    • The UTME is a competitive exam, so dedicate ample time to studying. Concentrate on core subjects like English Language, Mathematics, and those relevant to your chosen course.
  2. Utilize Past Questions and Practice Materials:
    • Enhance your preparation by using UTME past questions and practice materials. This aids in familiarizing yourself with the exam format and question types.
  3. Participate in UTME Tutorial Classes:
    • Consider attending UTME tutorial classes for additional support. Tutors can help identify your weaknesses and work with you to develop strategies for improving your scores.

Igbajo Polytechnic Cut Off Mark by Course

The cut-off mark might vary slightly depending on the course. Here’s a table of cut-off marks for some popular courses at Igbajo Polytechnic:

Course Cut-Off Mark
Accounting 140
Business Administration 140
Computer Science 140


When was Igbajo Polytechnic established?

Igbajo Polytechnic was established in 2005.

Is Igbajo Polytechnic accredited?

Yes, Igbajo Polytechnic is accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

How can I improve my chances of meeting the cut-off mark?

Focus on diligent UTME preparation, use past questions, consider tutorial classes, and tailor your efforts to the specific requirements of your chosen course.


Now that you have insights into Igbajo Polytechnic’s cut-off mark and valuable tips for meeting it, embark on your preparation journey with determination. Best of luck with your academic pursuits at Igbajo Polytechnic!

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