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CONPSS Salary in Nigeria

In the dynamic landscape of Nigeria’s workforce, it’s crucial for both employees and employers to have a clear understanding of the salary structures in place. One such significant framework is the Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure (CONPSS), which applies to workers across various agencies, federal ministries, and extra-ministerial offices. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of CONPSS, shedding light on its history, application, and salary ranges for different levels.

Overview of CONPSS

CONPSS, established in 2007, is rooted in Nigeria’s National Minimum Wage Act of 2019. This salary structure resulted from negotiations between the Federal Government and Organized Labor, aiming to align workers’ salaries with the economic realities of the country.

Application and Qualifications for CONPSS

CONPSS applies to all agency staff, federal ministries, and extra-ministerial offices. The minimum qualification varies based on the level, with Level 1 requiring only a primary school certification, while higher levels, such as Level 17, may demand a professional degree.

Salary Structure for CONPSS

The salary structure of CONPSS is comprehensive, accommodating workers at different levels. The table below provides an insight into the annual salaries at Step 1 for each level:

  • CONPSS Level 1: ₦ 360,000
  • CONPSS Level 2: ₦ 363,328
  • CONPSS Level 3: ₦ 366,170
  • CONPSS Level 4: ₦ 367,194
  • CONPSS Level 5: ₦ 394,498
  • CONPSS Level 6: ₦ 449,429
  • CONPSS Level 7: ₦ 638,133
  • CONPSS Level 8: ₦ 799,421
  • CONPSS Level 9: ₦ 928,981
  • CONPSS Level 10: ₦ 1,060,833
  • CONPSS Level 11: ₦ 1,221,722
  • CONPSS Level 12: ₦ 1,362,110
  • CONPSS Level 13: ₦ 1,503,149
  • CONPSS Level 14: ₦ 2,027,632
  • CONPSS Level 15: ₦ 2,027,632
  • CONPSS Level 16: ₦ 2,505,352
  • CONPSS Level 17: ₦ 4,769,304


What is the CONPSS salary scale in Nigeria?

CONPSS stands for Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure. It is a salary scale used in Nigeria for public servants. The exact amount varies depending on the grade level and step within each grade.

How is CONPSS salary determined?

CONPSS salary is determined based on the grade level and step within each grade. Grade levels range from 01 to 17, with each level having several steps indicating progression within that level.

Who uses the CONPSS salary scale?

The CONPSS salary scale is primarily used by public servants in Nigeria, including federal, state, and local government employees, as well as workers in government agencies and parastatals.

Are CONPSS salaries subject to review or adjustments?

Yes, CONPSS salaries are subject to periodic reviews and adjustments by the government to reflect changes in economic conditions, inflation rates, and other factors affecting the cost of living.

How can one find out their CONPSS salary?

Public servants can find out their CONPSS salary by consulting their respective salary structures provided by their employing agencies or by contacting the appropriate government authority responsible for salary administration. Additionally, there are online resources and calculators that can provide estimates based on grade level and step.


Understanding the CONPSS is vital for both employers and employees, ensuring transparency in the salary structure. As we navigate the complexities of Nigeria’s workforce, this comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource for those seeking insights into the Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the workforce, knowing your rights and entitlements is crucial for a fair and prosperous career.

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