Salary Structure

Salary Structure of NAFDAC

In any organization, understanding the salary structure is crucial for both employees and employers. It ensures transparency, equity, and helps attract and retain talent. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is no exception. NAFDAC, as a regulatory body in Nigeria, plays a pivotal role in safeguarding public health by ensuring that only safe and wholesome food, drugs, and other regulated products are available to consumers. Let’s delve into the salary structure of NAFDAC and some frequently asked questions regarding it.

Overview of NAFDAC’s Salary Structure

NAFDAC, like many government agencies, follows a structured salary scale based on grade levels and steps. Grade levels typically range from 1 to 17, with each level having a specific salary scale. The salary structure is designed to reward employees based on their qualifications, experience, and job responsibilities.

Salary Amounts for NAFDAC Employees

The salary amounts for NAFDAC employees vary depending on their grade level, qualifications, and years of service. Below is an overview of the salary range for different grade levels:

  • Grade Level 1: ₦254,000 – ₦302,000 per annum
  • Grade Level 6: ₦316,000 – ₦374,000 per annum
  • Grade Level 10: ₦441,000 – ₦524,000 per annum
  • Grade Level 14: ₦1,082,000 – ₦1,286,000 per annum
  • Grade Level 17: ₦1,330,000 – ₦1,560,000 per annum

It’s important to note that these figures are approximate and subject to periodic revisions and allowances.

Factors Influencing Salary in NAFDAC

Several factors influence the salary of NAFDAC employees:

  • Grade Level: Higher grade levels generally correspond to higher salaries.
  • Qualifications: Employees with higher educational qualifications may receive higher salaries.
  • Experience: Years of service and relevant experience are taken into account.
  • Location: Cost of living differences may lead to variations in salaries based on the employee’s duty station.

FAQs about NAFDAC’s Salary Structure

Are there additional allowances apart from the basic salary?

Yes, NAFDAC employees may receive allowances such as housing, transport, and medical allowances, among others, depending on their grade level and specific circumstances.

How often are salary increments given?

Salary increments in NAFDAC are typically performance-based and may occur annually or biennially, subject to government policies and budgetary provisions.

Can employees negotiate their salaries upon employment?

Salaries in NAFDAC are usually based on the approved government salary structure and are not subject to negotiation upon employment. However, employees may negotiate other benefits or allowances.

Are there opportunities for promotion within NAFDAC?

Yes, NAFDAC provides opportunities for career progression and promotion based on merit, qualifications, and performance evaluation.

Do temporary or contract staff receive the same salary benefits?

Temporary or contract staff may receive different salary and benefit structures compared to permanent employees, depending on their employment terms and conditions.


Understanding the salary structure of NAFDAC is essential for both current and prospective employees. It ensures transparency, fairness, and helps in making informed career decisions. While salaries may vary based on grade levels and other factors, NAFDAC remains committed to rewarding its employees competitively while fulfilling its mandate of safeguarding public health and promoting regulatory compliance in Nigeria.

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