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CBN Salary Structure: How Much CBN Pay Staffs

Welcome to the world of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the apex monetary authority steering the economic ship of Nigeria. If you’ve ever wondered about the enticing prospect of being a part of this financial powerhouse, we’re here to unravel the mysteries of the CBN salary structure. Join us as we explore the remuneration packages, allowances, and benefits that come with being a CBN staff member.

Decoding the CBN Salary Structure:

The CBN takes pride in being a highly competitive employer, offering its workforce not only challenging roles but also competitive salaries. The salary structure is intricately designed, taking into account an employee’s grade level and experience. Let’s delve into the figures:

  1. Entry-Level Staff:
    • Monthly Salary Range: N122,000 to N146,000
  2. Mid-Level Staff:
    • Monthly Salary Range: N275,000 to N341,000
  3. Senior-Level Staff:
    • Monthly Salary Range: N573,000 to N647,000

Breaking Down Key Positions:

  • Graduate Trainee: N60,000 to N100,000 per month
  • Assistant Manager: N341,000 to N409,000 per month
  • Loan Officer: N573,000 to N687,000 per month
  • Chief Security Officer: N578,000 to N693,000 per month
  • Credit Analyst: N647,000 to N776,000 per month
  • Branch Controller: N1,001,000 to N12,012,000 per month
  • Deputy Governor: N3,000,000 to N4,000,000 per month
  • Governor: N4,000,000 to N5,000,000 per month

Allowances that Enhance the Package:

The CBN doesn’t stop at competitive salaries; it sweetens the deal with a range of allowances tailored to meet various needs:

  1. Housing Allowance:
    • Varied amounts based on grade level and location.
  2. Transportation Allowance:
    • Tailored to cover commuting costs, dependent on grade level and distance.
  3. Medical Allowance:
    • Allocated to assist with medical expenses, varying with grade level and family size.
  4. Other Allowances:
    • Entertainment, clothing, and leave allowances may also be part of the package.

Benefits Beyond the Paycheck:

Aside from the monetary aspects, CBN staff enjoy additional benefits such as health insurance, a pension plan, and more. The CBN salary structure undergoes annual reviews to ensure it remains competitive and reflective of the cost of living and other economic factors.


In the realm of financial institutions, the Central Bank of Nigeria stands out not only for its pivotal role in shaping the country’s economic landscape but also as an employer offering a lucrative and comprehensive package. If you’re considering a career in finance, the CBN might just be the gateway to a rewarding professional journey.

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