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Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC Salary Structure Scale

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) stands as a beacon in the realm of information communication and technology, holding the reins as the National regulatory authority for the Nigerian telecommunication industry since its authorization in 1992. Known for its commitment to fostering national growth through ICT, the NCC is recognized as one of the highest-paying government agencies in Nigeria.

Mission and Vision:

With a mission to support a market-driven communications industry and promote universal access, the NCC envisions itself as a responsive, world-class regulatory organization, striving to create an information-rich environment. The commission upholds three guiding principles in its responsibilities: Fair, Firm, and Forthright.

NCC Salary Structure Overview:

The NCC salary structure is intricately designed, taking into account the level of expertise, experience, and skillset of its employees. Like other government agencies, salaries are tiered based on grades and years of service, making it a competitive remuneration structure. Additionally, employees receive bonuses and allowances, enhancing the overall compensation package.

Notable Positions and Average Salaries:

Several positions within the NCC command impressive salaries, reflecting the organization’s commitment to attracting and retaining top talent. Here are some noteworthy positions and their average monthly salaries:

  1. Head of IT Service Management: N998,000
  2. Management Information System Officer: N263,000
  3. Customer Care Representatives/Call Agents: N55,000
  4. ICT Officer: N42,000

NCC Salary Structure for Level 8 Workers:

For entry-level workers at Level 8, the starting salary is a point of interest for many graduates aspiring to join the NCC. While specific figures may not always be readily available, the NCC salary structure for Level 8 staff is estimated to range between N90,000 to N120,000 per month after tax deductions. It’s important to note that individual salaries may vary based on skills, knowledge, and job responsibilities. Additionally, entry-level workers enjoy bonuses and allowances, enhancing their overall compensation.

Contact Information:

For those looking to connect with the NCC, the headquarters is located at Plot 423 Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja, FCT 900271. You can reach out to them at +234-9-461-7000 or visit the NCC Consumer Portal:


The Nigeria Communications Commission continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the country’s telecommunications landscape. Aspiring professionals in the field can find not only a challenging and rewarding work environment at the NCC but also competitive salaries and benefits. The commitment to fair, firm, and forthright principles underscores the organization’s dedication to excellence in the information communication and technology sector.

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