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Katsina State Civil Service Salary Structure: How Much Staff Earns

In the heart of Nigeria lies Katsina State, where the wheels of governance are set in motion by the diligent individuals who make up the Katsina State Civil Service. These dedicated government employees play a crucial role in the administration, and their compensation is meticulously structured by the state government’s rules and regulations.

Understanding the Salary Structure:

The salary structure for civil servants in Katsina State is a carefully crafted framework that takes into account several key factors. The primary determinants of an employee’s compensation include their grade level, experience, and qualifications. With 17 distinct grade levels, each level corresponds to a specific basic salary amount.

Let’s delve into the details of the salary structure:

  • Grade Level 1: ₦68,000
  • Grade Level 2: ₦71,000
  • Grade Level 3: ₦73,000
  • Grade Level 4: ₦75,000
  • Grade Level 5: ₦85,000
  • Grade Level 6: ₦102,000
  • Grade Level 7: ₦134,000
  • Grade Level 8: ₦170,000
  • Grade Level 9: ₦203,000
  • Grade Level 10: ₦236,000
  • Grade Level 11: ₦271,000
  • Grade Level 12: ₦301,000
  • Grade Level 13: ₦330,000
  • Grade Level 14: ₦369,000
  • Grade Level 15: ₦399,000
  • Grade Level 16: ₦451,000
  • Grade Level 17: ₦512,000


In addition to the basic salary, civil servants in Katsina State are entitled to a range of allowances designed to ease the financial burden of daily living expenses. These allowances contribute significantly to the overall compensation package and include:

  1. Housing Allowance: Assisting employees in meeting the costs of accommodation.
  2. Transport Allowance: Alleviating expenses related to commuting to and from work.
  3. Medical Allowance: Supporting health and well-being needs.
  4. Food Allowance: Contributing to daily sustenance.
  5. Uniform Allowance: Addressing the requirement for job-specific attire.


As the wheels of governance turn in Katsina State, the state government’s commitment to fair and structured compensation for its civil servants is evident. The salary structure, complemented by a range of allowances, reflects a thoughtful approach to valuing the dedication and hard work of the individuals who form the backbone of the Katsina State Civil Service. This framework not only acknowledges the diverse responsibilities shouldered by civil servants but also strives to provide a sustainable and rewarding work environment.

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