Kay-Lee Crockett to attend Ohio Wesleyan with full ride scholarship

Kay-Lee Crockett is graduating from Marion Harding to pursue a degree in Zoology from Ohio Wesleyan University where she has a full ride scholarship.

This is one installment in a five-part series highlighting a graduating senior from each of Marion County’s public school districts.

When Kay-Lee Crockett graduates from Harding High School on May 22, she will attend her dream school of Ohio Wesleyan University with a full ride scholarship.

However, before she was a social and enthusiastic color guard captain who will be pursuing a degree in zoology, Crockett was moving in with her great aunt, Jane, at the age of 12 because of strained relationships within her family.

The trauma from her background combined with the fact she did not have as much as her peers made the transition to the district a rocky one.

“I came to Marion City Schools at the halfway point for fourth grade and then into fifth grade, but my family doesn’t have money,” Crockett said.

“I came in with not all the clothes everyone was wearing, not everything that everyone had. I showed up with a composition book and a pencil, and that was my school supplies. ”

Kay-Lee Crockett was the color guard captain at Marion Harding High School, and she will be starting college at Ohio Wesleyan University in the fall of 2022.

Meanwhile, Crockett said her middle school years that followed were the roughest for her as it was when she and her mother argued the most, leading to mental health concerns and court-ordered therapy.

“Middle school was definitely not a time of healing, it was more of survival. That’s what it was. It was more of a survival time, ”she said.

Her great aunt Jane Burris agreed that when Kay-Lee first came to live with her around that time, her great niece was not in the healthiest place emotionally, but she is beyond proud of all that Kay-Lee has accomplished.

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