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NEW SCHOLARSHIP – Abigail Liddick, second from left, was presented the Suzanne Reeves Kresser Award. A Toronto native, Kresser served the community in a variety of roles up to her death, at age 51, in 2021. With Liddick are Kresser’s sister Sherri Wilson, left, and Kresser’s parents Linda and Frank Slowikowski. – Contributed

TORONTO – Many scholarships and awards were presented to many students as well as a few staff members during Toronto High School’s honors assembly Thursday.

School officials expressed thanks to the many businesses, community organizations and individuals who sponsor them each year.

Recipients of the Diploma with Honors are: Brody Beswick, Nathan Chociej, Kyle Leonard, Abigail Liddick, Elaina Porreca, Xander Wells-McHugh and Evan Wolter.

Receiving the President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence were: Brody Beswick, Nathan Chociej, Paige Daugherty, Kyle Leonard, Abigail Liddick, Elaina Porreca, Taryn Resseger, Taylie Thomas, Xander Wells-McHugh and Evan Wolter.

Recipients of the President’s Education Award for Outstanding Achievement are: Robert Baxley, Ryley Burch, Coleman Cooper, Abigail Cronin, Jordan Howder, David Jenkins, Shaun Kuchan, Hannah McDonald, Aiden Mick, Haley Pearson, Jasmine Platko, Blake Rebres and Zane Voltz.

Abigail Liddick, Kyle Leonard, Elaina Porreca, and Taylie Thomas are the Class of 2022’s valedictorians, while Brody Beswick is a salutatorian. The remainder of the top 10 students are: Xander Wells-McHugh, Evan Wolter, Paige Daugherty, Nathanial Chociej and Taryn Resseger.

The honor students are: Brody Beswick, Ryley Burch, Nathanial Chociej, Coleman Cooper, Paige Daughtery, David Jenkins, Kyle Leonard, Abigail Liddick, Hannah McDonald, Hayley Pearson, Jasmine Platko, Elaina Porreca, Blake Rebres, Taryn Resseger, Taylie Thomas Zane Voltz, Xander Wells-McHugh and Evan Wolter.

Toronto High School Alumni Scholarships were awarded to Braeden Martin, Hannah McDonald, Xander Wells-McHugh and Taryn Resseger. Receiving the THS Alumni Association Foundation Scholarship was Taylie Thomas.

The Robert T. Hughes Memorial Grant went to Brody Beswick, while the Dr. Verne McConnell Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Jasmine Platko.

The Jason Motto Memorial Award went to Evan Wolter and Abigail Liddick, and the recipient of the Cliff and Hazel Walker Award was Elaina Porreca.

The Bill and Betty Davis Award was presented to the Mayley Board and Leah Price.

The Titan Cheerleader Award recipient was Elaina Porreca, while the Titan Football Player Award went to Shane Keenan.

David Jenkins received the Kris Kelly Award and Evan Wolter was presented at the Janet Kruise Scholarship.

Kyle Leonard received the Ed and Marilyn Gray Award, while the Carolyn Argentine Byers Scholarship was presented to Ryley Burch.

Abigail Liddick received the Suzanne Reeves Kresser Award and Brody Beswick received the Nancy Beswick Memorial Scholarship.

The Eastern Gateway Community College Scholarship was awarded to Xander Wells-McHugh.

Receiving scholarships from the Toronto Education Association were: Kyle Leonard, Abigail Liddick, Elaina Porreca and Taylie Thomas.

Toronto Kiwanis Club scholarships in memory of Rod Henry were awarded to Taylie Thomas and Abigail Liddick.

The Mike Shuma Scholarship was given to Abigail Liddick and Evan Wolter, and the American Legion Scholarship was awarded to Taryn Resseger.

Blaner Gift Scholarships were presented to Elaina Porreca, Evan Wolter, Leah Price and David Jenkins.

Kyle Leonard received the Noah Long Memorial Scholarship, while Pay It Forward Scholarships were given to Nathan Chociej, Brody Beswick, and Bobby Baxley.

Elaina Porreca received the Gino Biasi Scholarship, and the recipient of the Student Senate Scholarship was Abigail Liddick.

The Activity Account Scholarship went to Elaina Porreca, and the Toronto Masonic Lodge 583 Award was awarded to Landon Thomas.

The Kathryn Hammond Award was presented to Abigail Liddick, the Larry Herdman Award to Josh Fancher and the Frank “Windy” Kestner Memorial Scholarship to Shane Keenan.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association’s Scholar / Athlete Award was shared by Taylie Thomas and Brody Beswick, while the OHSAA Courageous Student Award was presented to Donald Swick and Chandler Derrington.

The Archie Griffin Awards went to Evan Wolter and Paige Daughtery.

Receiving Athletic Boosters Awards were: Taylie Thomas, Aiden Mick, Josh Fancher, and Landon Thomas.

The Art Robertson and Hunk Romey Scholarship went to Leah Price and Shane Keenan. Paige Daughtery and Nathanial Chociej were the recipients of Larry “Pappy” Coil Award.

The National Federation of State High School Association’s Award of Excellence was presented to Elaina Porreca and Evan Wolter.

Abigail Liddick and Evan Wolter received scholarships in honor of Chuck “Flap” Walker, while the Todd Kalivoda Scholarship was given to Evan Wolter.

The 26.2 Award was presented to Braeden Martin.

Brody Beswick was the recipient of the Kirk W. and Sally George Music Award, the Barry Stewart Memorial Scholarship, the Arion Award, the James D. Crawford Award and the Barbara Craven Award.

The DW Hoover Award and the John Phillips Sousa Award both went to Taryn Resseger.

The Reanne K. Phillips Scholarship was awarded to Abigail Liddick, while the Three Arts Award went to Evan Wolter.

Receiving Charles M. Pugliese and Thelma M. Pugliese Foundation Scholarships were: Shaun Kuchan, Bobby Baxley and Blake Rebres. Abigail Liddick received the Josh Merriman Scholarship.

Ryley Burch and Josh Fancher received the Red Cross Scholarship Award, while Elaina Porreca was presented with James and Betty Coffey Scholarship.

The Focus in Toronto Community Service Award, in memory of Glenn Blanton, was presented to Abigail Liddick.

Kenneth Young Memorial Scholarships went to Abigail Liddick, Josh Fancher and Landon Thomas.

Toronto Youth Basketball Scholarships were presented to Abigail Liddick and Aiden Mick. Senior athletic plagues were presented to Bobby Baxley, Brody Beswick, Nathanial Chociej, Cayden Clifton, Abigail Cronin, Paige Daugherty, Josh Fancher, Carl Cronin, Coleman Cooper, Shane Keenan, Abigail Liddick, Aiden Mick, Brycen Jasmine Miller Con , Elaina Porreca, Leah Price, Jeremy Starr, Donald Swick, Landon Thomas, Taylie Thomas and Evan Wolter.

Coleman Cooper was recognized for his membership in the National Technical Honor Society. Acknowledged for their membership in the National Honor Society were: Abigail Liddick, Elaina Porreca, Evan Wolter, Taylie Thomas, Xander Wells-McHugh, and Nathan Chociej. Beta Club senior members were Kyle Leonard, Elaina Porreca, Evan Wolter, Taylie Thomas and Abigail Liddick.

Also acknowledged were the following students entering the military: Braeden Martin (Army) and Jason Burrows (Air Force).

Seniors going on to collegiate athletics include Josh Fancher (West Liberty, track), Shane Keenan (Youngstown State University, football), Aiden Mick (Otterbein, football) and Evan Wolter (Otterbein, baseball).

Students recognized for putting in 100 hours or more of community service were: Nathan Chociej, Paige Daughtery, Kyle Leonard, Abigail Liddick, Elaina Porreca, Leah Price, Taylie Thomas and Evan Wolter.

Seniors receiving an academic letter were Nathan Chociej, Kyle Leonard, Abigail Liddick, Taylie Thomas and Evan Wolter.

It was noted the Class of 2022 completed more than 651 college credit hours during their high school years, and more than 42 percent participated in the College Credit Plus program. Yes

Earning 20 or more college credits were: Bobby Baxley, Brody Beswick, Emma Blair, Ryle Burch, Nathanial Chociej, Paige Daugherty, Josh Fancher, Abigail Ford, Shane Keenan, Shaun Kuchan, Kyle Leonard, Abigail Liddick, Hannah McDonald, Aiden Mick, Elaina Porreca, Leah Price, Blake Rebres, Taryn Resseger, Taylie Thomas, Xander Wells-McHugh and Evan Wolter.

Time was also taken to honor two staff members: Mark McCart, who received the OHSSA Award for Sportsmanship and Bill Stone and Amanda Speece, who were presented with the Karaffa Award for Excellence in Education.

Named for Anna Marie and Joseph Karaffa, who each served Toronto City Schools for many years, the award is given to an outstanding teacher or administrator who has created an environment where teaching and learning are valued.

Nominations for it are accepted from staff, students, parents and alumni.

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