List Of Science Courses In Yobe State University

Welcome to our blog post where we delve into the diverse science courses offered at Yobe State University (YSU) in Damaturu, Nigeria. Discover the admission requirements for these courses and the unique advantages of pursuing a science education at YSU.

List of Science Courses at Yobe State University:

YSU offers a range of undergraduate science courses to cater to diverse interests. Here’s a list of science programs available:

  1. Biochemistry (BSc)
  2. Biology (BSc)
  3. Chemistry (BSc)
  4. Computer Science (BSc)
  5. Mathematics (BSc)
  6. Microbiology (BSc)
  7. Physics (BSc)
  8. Geology (BSc)
  9. Statistics (BSc)
  10. Environmental Management (BSc)
  11. Wildlife Management (BSc)
  12. Forestry (BSc)
  13. Agricultural Economics and Extension (BSc)
  14. Animal Science (BSc)
  15. Crop Science (BSc)
  16. Soil Science (BSc)
  17. Fisheries (BSc)
  18. Food Science and Technology (BSc)

Admission Requirements for Science Courses at YSU:

To join any science course at Yobe State University, prospective students need to meet general admission criteria, including:

  1. Five O’level credits in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  2. A minimum JAMB UTME score of 180.
  3. Successful completion of the YSU post-UTME examination.

Benefits of Studying Science at Yobe State University:

Choosing YSU for your science education comes with several advantages:

  1. Experienced Lecturers: YSU boasts a strong science program with passionate and qualified lecturers dedicated to student success.
  2. Up-to-Date Curriculum: The science curriculum at YSU stays current with the latest trends and developments, ensuring students are well-prepared for their future careers.
  3. State-of-the-Art Laboratories: YSU provides well-equipped science laboratories with the latest equipment, offering students hands-on experience.
  4. Industry Partnerships: YSU’s strong collaboration with the science industry opens doors for students to gain practical experience and internships.


Q: How can I apply for admission to Yobe State University’s science courses? A: To apply, follow the university’s official admission process, which includes meeting O’level credit requirements, obtaining a JAMB UTME score of at least 180, and passing the YSU post-UTME examination.

Q: Are there scholarships available for science students at YSU? A: Yobe State University may offer scholarships based on merit and other criteria. Check the official university website or contact the admission office for detailed information.


Embark on a rewarding academic journey by exploring the science courses at Yobe State University. With experienced faculty, modern facilities, and industry partnerships, YSU is committed to nurturing the next generation of scientific minds. Apply now and step into a world of possibilities!

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