Iwo City Polytechnic School Fees For Students

Choosing the right polytechnic is a crucial decision for prospective students, and one of the key factors to consider is the school fees. In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth look at the Iwo City Polytechnic school fees for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic session. Additionally, we’ll discuss important factors for students to consider when budgeting for their education.

Iwo City Polytechnic School Fees:

Iwo City Polytechnic, situated in Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria, was established in 1990 and offers a range of courses in engineering, technology, business, and management. The school fees for students vary based on their chosen course, with an average range of N300,000 to N400,000.

Other Fees:

In addition to the main school fees, students are required to pay various additional fees, including:

  1. Acceptance fee: N5,000
  2. Registration fee: N20,000
  3. Examination fee: N10,000
  4. Hostel fee: N50,000 (optional)

Factors to Consider When Budgeting:

  1. Cost of Tuition:
    • The cost of tuition is the primary expense, so students need to ensure their budget covers this aspect.
  2. Cost of Accommodation:
    • Students should decide between on-campus and off-campus living, considering that on-campus accommodation tends to be pricier.
  3. Cost of Food:
    • Budgeting for food is essential, taking into account individual eating habits and preferences.
  4. Cost of Transportation:
    • Students need to plan for transportation costs, considering how they will commute to and from the polytechnic.
  5. Cost of Books and Supplies:
    • Budgeting for necessary books and supplies is vital, and the expenses will vary based on the student’s chosen course.


Q1: Can I opt-out of the hostel and find off-campus accommodation?

  • Yes, the hostel fee is optional, and students can choose off-campus accommodation.

Q2: Are there any scholarships available to help with tuition costs?

  • It’s advisable to check with the polytechnic’s scholarship office for information on available scholarships.

Q3: How can I save on transportation costs?

  • Consider carpooling, using public transportation, or exploring affordable transportation options within the local area.


Choosing a polytechnic involves careful consideration of school fees and related expenses. By understanding the costs and budgeting effectively, students can make informed decisions about their education at Iwo City Polytechnic.

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