Courses Offered In College Of Education, Ekiadolor

The College of Education, Ekiadolor, located in Edo State, Nigeria, is renowned for its dedication to training competent and professional educators. With a mission to foster academic excellence and pedagogical proficiency, the college offers a variety of programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of the educational sector. Below, we explore the courses offered at the institution, categorized into various departments.

List of Courses Offered In College Of Education

Department of Arts and Social Sciences

English Education

This program aims to develop proficient educators in the English language, focusing on language skills, literature, and educational techniques. Students are prepared to teach English in secondary schools and other educational institutions.

Social Studies Education

Social Studies Education covers a wide range of subjects, including history, geography, civics, and economics. The program is designed to create educators who can instil a broad understanding of social sciences in students.

Political Science Education

This course equips students with knowledge in political theories, governmental structures, and public administration, preparing them to teach political science and civic education.

Department of Science Education

Biology Education

Students in this program gain in-depth knowledge of biological sciences, coupled with teaching methodologies. The course prepares graduates to teach biology effectively at secondary school levels.

Chemistry Education

This course focuses on chemical principles, laboratory practices, and pedagogical strategies, aiming to produce skilled chemistry teachers.

Physics Education

Physics Education covers fundamental and advanced concepts in physics, along with educational strategies to help students understand complex physical phenomena.

Department of Vocational and Technical Education

Agricultural Science Education

The program combines agricultural science with educational theory and practice, preparing students to teach agricultural subjects and promote agricultural development.

Business Education

Business Education includes courses in accounting, business management, and entrepreneurship, designed to produce educators who can teach business-related subjects.

Department of Primary Education Studies

Early Childhood Education

This course focuses on the development and education of young children. It prepares students to teach at the kindergarten and nursery levels, emphasizing developmental psychology and early learning strategies.

Primary Education

Primary Education aims to train teachers for the primary school level, covering a broad curriculum that includes language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Department of Special Education

Special Needs Education

This program is designed to equip educators with the skills and knowledge to teach and support students with special needs. It includes courses on different types of disabilities, inclusive education strategies, and individualized educational planning.


What is the duration of the programs offered at the College of Education, Ekiadolor?

Most programs at the College of Education, Ekiadolor, typically span three years for the National Certificate in Education (NCE) programs. However, the duration may vary for other certificates and diplomas offered.

Are there opportunities for practical teaching experience during the course?

Yes, students are required to undergo teaching practice as part of their curriculum. This hands-on experience allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge in real classroom settings, thereby enhancing their teaching skills.

Does the college offer any postgraduate courses?

As of now, the College of Education, Ekiadolor, primarily focuses on undergraduate programs leading to the National Certificate in Education (NCE). For postgraduate studies, students may need to pursue further education at universities offering education degrees.

What are the admission requirements for the College of Education, Ekiadolor?

Admission requirements typically include a minimum of five credits in relevant subjects at the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) or its equivalent. Prospective students may also need to pass the college’s entrance examination or the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) as stipulated by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).


The College of Education, Ekiadolor, plays a vital role in shaping the future of education in Nigeria. By offering a diverse range of courses across various educational fields, the college ensures that its graduates are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the teaching profession. Whether in arts, sciences, vocational, or special education, students are provided with comprehensive training and practical experience to excel as educators.

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