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The Calimesa Chamber of Commerce held its scholarship tea on Thursday, May 12, with six deserving recipients. Past Chamber President Donna Lotz said, “The scholarships are very important. I’m really proud of all our scholarship recipients. They receive great support from family and friends. ”

Lotz introduced Riverside County Fifth District Supervisor Jeff Hewitt as the keynote speaker and said, “We asked him to give you a few words.”

The crowd laughed as they knew from past experience, Hewitt had much to say.

Hewitt passed on a few tidbits of instruction to the recipients and said, “All of you recipients, all of you young people are about to embark on a journey. Your journey has just begun and whether you live to be five years old or 107, life is very precious and this world today, needs independent, critical thinkers. Do you know what that means? That means challenging everything you are told. ”

Lotz said, “It is our goal to always give more scholarships and we are hoping to give more scholarships to our youth in the community. This year, we were blown away with the number of applicants for our scholarships and it’s a hard choice to make. We used to find the applicant with the best grades. This year, every single application had straight A + s. Their grades and their skills were all absolutely amazing.

“I’m just really thrilled with all of you. We decided several years ago that you were so important that we wanted to do just a little bit more than maybe the schools do. We wanted to recognize you in person and have a tea so your parents can hear how proud people are of you in the community. These are our kids. They are the future. ”

Lotz reminded the audience that when they buy tickets to the Calimesa Chamber of Commerce events, that is what pays for the scholarships. ”

Vice President of the Calimesa Chamber Anthony Phillips presented the Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club’s scholarship. “I’m also a Lion which is an international community of caregivers that help those in need,” said Phillips.

Lions (Liberty Intelligence Our Nation’s Safety) clubs in California are active in servicing the needs in virtually every local community up and down the state by halting diabetes, engaging youth, student scholarships, assisting those with vision problems, relieving hunger, protecting the environment and providing disaster relief. It is the largest service club with 46,000 clubs and 3 million members around the world.

Phillips read an email by the International President of the Lions Douglas Alexander who wrote to the Lions, knowing scholarships were being presented to youth in America.

“The greatest impact of service goes far beyond what can be seen today … by creating the right opportunities for young people in our communities, we help to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow are getting started today.” Phillips announced this year’s Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club scholarship winner, Lizbeth Barrentos.

Lizbeth Barrentos

Lizbeth Barrentos is a Green Valley High School student who graduated in October 2021 and is this year’s recipient of a scholarship from the Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club. Like all of the other recipients at this ceremony, Barrentos is a straight A student.

Barrentos is planning to attend Crafton Hills College and she received recognition in appreciation of her accomplishments and leadership at the tea. This was the first year the Calimesa Chamber of Commerce gave scholarships to recipients planning on entering a trade school.

Lotz said, “We are so glad that we have two of them this year. Their academic scores were exactly the same as the top scholarship winners. They know exactly where they want to go in their lives and they want to get that for themselves right off the bat. ”

Cody Laney

Cody Laney, a Yucaipa High School student is planning to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University which is the largest and most prestigious aviation, aeronautics and aerospace college in the world. He plans to obtain a business engineering degree and is also planning to become a pilot in the US Air Force.

Laney serves on the Associated Student Body, is the school site Council Chairman, is involved in track and field events and Stellar Xplorers. His community service includes the Civil Air Patrol (Cadet Commander) and the Cadet Advisory Council.

“My freshman year I enrolled in our school’s engineering program and this is what sparked my interest in engineering,” Laney said.

Laney’s hobbies revolve around science and engineering. Laney was accepted at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University into the aerospace engineering program and has applied to be part of the ROTC.

“Being part of the ROTC would greatly help my pursuit in becoming a pilot as I would be immersed in the Air Force environment. I have set these goals for myself as I have and will always strive for the best I can achieve, ”Laney concluded.

Cole Noah

Cole Noah, a Yucaipa High School student is planning to attend the Universal Technical Institute which is the largest provider in the US of technical instructions for diesel, automotive, motorcycle, collision repair and marine technicians.

Lotz said, “This is a straight A student that knows exactly what he wants to do. He is here today with his Grandpa who taught him how to weld, work on cars and do a lot of things that will help him establish good work ethics. ”

Noah has always had a job while attending school and is a star athlete in many sports. Noah plans to continue the tradition of his family in the field of welding.

Noah is one of the first recipients of the Calimesa Chamber of Commerce to receive a scholarship to attend a trade school. Noah plans to work while attending UTI to pay off his debt for his education.

Joshua Tyree

Joshua Tyree, a Beaumont High School student is planning to attend Oak Valley College in Rialto. Oak Valley College offers an accelerated 32-month program in which Tyree plans to obtain a bachelor of arts degree in business and continue to pursue a masters degree in engineering to become an entrepreneur in the automotive industry. Tyree has a GPA of 4.19 with high honors. He is involved in golfing, cross country, track and field events.

Kendel Norwood

Kendel Norwood, a Beaumont High School student is planning to attend Azusa Pacific University and will major in Commercial Music. Azusa Pacific University is recognized internationally and focuses on the music business, commercial composition and arranging, audio recording technology and instrumental and vocal performance.

Taryn Thomas

Taryn Thomas, a Beaumont High School Student with a 4.48 and is ranked one out of 656 students in her graduating class. Her future career plans are to become a physician and obtain a doctorate in neuroscience with an emphasis on mental health.

Each scholarship recipient also received a certificate of recognition from the office of State Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh presented by Art Welch and a certificate of recognition from the Riverside County Fifth District Board of Supervisor, Hewitt.


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