13 Cheapest School Of Health In Nigeria And Their Fees

Are you dreaming of a healthcare career in Nigeria but worried about your budget? We’ve got you covered with a list of the most affordable schools of health in the country. Our selection is based on factors like tuition fees, cost of living, and school reputation.

1. Abia State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Umuahia

Located in Umuahia, Abia State, this public college, established in 1980, is renowned for its reasonable fees. Offering programs such as basic general nursing, post-basic midwifery, and post-basic nursing, it boasts experienced faculty dedicated to student success.

2. School of Health Ezzamgbo, Ebonyi State

Founded in 2005, this private college in Ezzamgbo, Ebonyi State, offers programs like basic general nursing and community health nursing. With affordable fees and modern facilities, it provides a supportive learning environment for students.

3. Model Institute of Technology, Iboko, Ebonyi State

Established in 2007, this private college in Iboko, Ebonyi State, focuses on technology programs such as medical laboratory technology and pharmacy technology. The school is known for its commitment to preparing students for successful healthcare careers.

4. Cherish College of Health Sciences & Technology, Batsari, Ebonyi State

Founded in 2010, this private college in Batsari, Ebonyi State, offers programs including basic general nursing and midwifery. Known for its affordability and modern facilities, it provides students with a conducive learning environment.


Choosing an affordable health school in Nigeria is crucial, considering factors like location, fees, and program offerings. These schools offer quality education without breaking the bank.


Q1: Are these schools accredited? A1: Yes, these schools are recognized and accredited by relevant authorities in Nigeria.

Q2: Can I get financial aid or scholarships? A2: Some schools may offer scholarships or have financial aid options. Contact the respective school’s admission office for details.

Q3: How do I apply to these schools? A3: Visit the official websites of the schools for application guidelines or contact their admission offices for assistance.

Q4: Are there other affordable health schools not listed here? A4: Yes, there are more options. Consider your preferences and research other schools to find the best fit for you.

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