PCHS Graduates Take In Scholarship Dollars

Following Friday night’s graduation, Pulaski County High School Class of 2022 is headed in different directions. For many, that direction will lead them to further their education, putting to use grants and scholarships they earned toward that pursuit.

Following is a breakdown of those scholarships and their 2022 recipients:

The Bobby and Martha Jackson Scholarship for $ 1,000 was awarded to William McPeak. The Vickie Hawk Memorial Scholarship for $ 500, funded by Friends of Peak Creek Inc, was awarded to Gabrielle Martin. The Lee Cook Memorial Scholarship for $ 1,000 was awarded to Jacob Brown. The Bryan Lee and Mary Lynn Akers Memorial Scholarship for $ 1,000 each was awarded to Blake Bauer and Amara Freeman.

The Cameron Fitzwater Memorial Scholarship for $ 1,000 each was awarded to Carrie Blankenship, Mandi Hopper, Evan Hull, and Dante Reid. The Edgar P. and Pauline Bunts Scholarship for $ 1,000 each was awarded to Sariah Buchinsky, Lukas Custer, Lea Robertson, and Ceirra Trueheart. The Austin Wingo Memorial Scholarship for $ 250 each, funded by the Critzer Elementary School PTO, was awarded to Molly Porter and Chelsea Smith.

The Dublin Elementary PTO Scholarship for $ 250 each was awarded to Ryan Eads and Alex Haynes. The Pulaski Panther Scholarship for $ 250, funded by the PES PTO, was awarded to Madeline Price. The Riverlawn Elementary PTO Memorial Scholarship for $ 150 each was awarded to Logan Delph and Elly White. The Janis Carter Scholarship Snowville Elementary for $ 200 was awarded to Chloe Quesenberry. The Judith M. Barr Scholarship Snowville Elementary for $ 200 was awarded to Casey Cox.

The Pulaski County High School Parent-Teacher Organization Scholarship for $ 1,000 was awarded to Faith Stuart. The Richard Lineberry Scholarship for $ 500 was awarded to Emma Clevinger. The Chris Stevens Memorial Scholarship for $ 800 each was awarded to Grace Kaiser and Hailey Barnson. The Deborah Linkous Memorial Scholarship-Belspring United Methodist Church for $ 250 each was awarded to Hunter Alley, Joshua Bourne, Aubrey Long, and Gracie Sutphin.

The Shawn Callis Memorial Scholarship for $ 500 was awarded to Brooke Arnold. The Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship for $ 500 was awarded to Gwendolyn Puckett. The Patricia “Patti” Wright Schillig Scholarship for $ 3,000 was awarded to Julian Miller. The Tommy Ratcliff Memorial Scholarship for $ 1,000, funded through Tommy’s Ride, was awarded to Alex Haynes.

The Lead Through Service Scholarship for $ 2,500, funded through the CARES Act and by the PC Board of Supervisors, the County Funded Administrator, the Assistant County Administrator, and County Employees, was awarded to Gwendolyn Puckett. The Margaret E. Brewer Scholarship, a four-year scholarship of $ 5,000 per year for four years for a total award of $ 20,000, was awarded to Allen Queen.

The following students have been awarded community scholarships, which are reported by the awarding organization and students.

The B’nai B’rith Achievement Award Nominees were Jordan Hill and Evan Hull. The County Pulaski Chapter / Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) -2021 Good Citizen Award Winner was Allen Queen. The Dublin / Radford Ruritan Club Scholarship Award winner for $ 600 was Julian Miller.

The United States Marine Corps awards three awards annually. The USMC Distinguished Athlete Award winners were Erin Russell and Jack Johnson. The USMC Scholastic Athlete Award winner was Thomas Hanshew. The USMC Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence was awarded to Gracie Sutphin.

The Pulaski County Farm Bureau Dr. Thomas Bigg Memorial Scholarship for $ 1,000 was awarded to Olivia Smith. The Community Foundation Scholarships for $ 2,000 each were awarded to Arushi Arora (The Jo Ann Slate Smith Scholarship), Kaylee Hodge (The Eric Sutphin Memorial Scholarship), and Dante Reid (The Jo Ann Slate Smith Scholarship). The PEO Chapter AB Scholarships for $ 1,000 was awarded to Emma Clevinger. The Dorothy Collins / PEO Chapter H Scholarship for $ 1,500 was awarded to Hannah Flinchum.

The Shelor Motor Mile Scholarship for $ 1,000 each was awarded to Hailey Barnson and Keyontae Kennedy. The Virginia State Gold Association Scholarship for $ 1,000 each was awarded to Andersen Moore, Bay Moore, and Campbell Moore.

The Ethel Clark Memorial Scholarship-First United Methodist Church for $ 500 each was awarded to Sarah Crabtree and Allen Queen. The Pulaski County Proud Scholarships were awarded to three individuals. First place was Sariah Buchinsky for $ 1,200. Second place was Aubrey Long for $ 500. Third place was Blake Bauer for $ 300. The Early Childhood Education: Student of the Year Scholarship for $ 500 each was awarded to Courtney Cregger and Sariah Buchinsky.

The Pulaski County Education Association Future Educator Scholarship for $ 500 each was awarded to Blake Bauer, Courtney Cregger, Gwendolyn Puckett, and Faith Stuart.

The SOAR Scholarships were awarded to 12 students. Hannah Bessler was awarded $ 2,000. Chole Capretta was awarded $ 1,500. Austin de Nijs was awarded $ 2,000. Amara Freeman was awarded $ 2,000. Anna Gravley was awarded $ 2,000. Alicia Hall was awarded $ 2,000. Jaquelyn Hall was awarded $ 2,000. Jaime Malacara was awarded $ 2,000. Genesis Quesenberry was awarded $ 1,500. Jazmen Robinson was awarded $ 2,000. Star Semones was awarded $ 1,500. Israel Cook was awarded $ 2,000.

The Ricky Jones Memorial Scholarship for $ 2,500 each was awarded to Gabby Martin and Olivia Smith.

Students who received the NRCC ACCE award will receive $ 4,700 per year, renewable for two years. That list includes 110 students, including Jesus Aguilar, Hunter Alley, Hailey Aviles, McKensie Baker, Hanna Bessler, Abigail (Max) Binna, Kellyn Blankenship, Carrie. Blankenship, Josh Bourne, Isabella Bowden, Noah Burchett, Austin Byrd, Hailey Capps, Ethan Coffey, Nathaniel Cole, Darius Conner, Casey Cox, Megan Cox, Sarah Crabtree, Lauren Cruise, Marisa Cumiford, Carly Dalton, William Davis, Micah Davis, Mario Diaz-Carreon, Ryan Eads, Jaiden Edmonds, Grace Frazier, Amara Freeman, Ashlyn Garnett, Olivia Gilbert, Sydney Goad, Jason Golden, Jose Gonzalez-Sanchez, Anna Gravley, Alicia Hall, Elizabeth Harrell, Caleb Harriman, Demarcus Hayden, Sydney Heath, Jeremiah Hedge, Broderick Hinkley, Maddison Honaker, Avery Hopkins, Robert Huepa, Aiden Huff, Riley Huff, Benjamin Hurst, Nathaniel Hurst, Steven Ison, Tristan Johnson, Taylor Jones, Jackson Jones, Grace Kaiser, Anna Kaiser, Jack Kaiser, Jacob Keefer, Gracie Krusberg, Brady Linkous, Camden McDonald, James Malacara, Tyler Martin, Gabriella Martin, Kassidy McCambridge, Peyton McDaniel, Erica McMahan, William McPeak, Hannah Melton, Caleb Midkiff, Briannah Mills, Zane Morris, Christian O Newcomb, Fane ‘De ll, Lindsey Oliver, Natalie Phillips, Jackson Price, Madeline Price, Genesis Queensberry, Chloe Quesenberry, Carson Ratcliffe, Dante Reid, Lea Robertson, Elaja Rollins, Carter Safewright, Carter Seagle, Alex Sealander, Skyy Semones, Zain Shalaby, Joshua Sheets, Benjamin Shelton, Alexa Smith, Tyler Snyder, Zane Stanley, Faith Stuart, Alexis Stump, Brandon Sullivan, Tyler Sutherland, Sydney Tabor, Chloe Thomas, Daphne True, Cierra Trueheart, Alexis Vogel, Brock Waddell, Nicole Webb, Ethan Whitlock, Meredith Williams , Ethan Wilson, and Carter Worley.

Students also reported their full scholarship amounts as they begin their journey into further education. Below is the name of the student, their college of choice, and their total scholarship amounts.

Brooke Arnold, Emory and Henry, $ 135,600. Arushi Arora, William and Mary, $ 132,000. Hailey Bamson, Radford University, $ 65,000. Blake Bauer, University of Mary Washington, $ 22,500. Ryan Bird, Radford University, $ 12,000. Taryn Blankenship, Concord University, $ 112,000. Josh Bourne, NRCC, $ 9,400. Jacob Brown, Radford University, $ 16,000. William Brown, Virginia Tech, $ 62,000. Sariah Buchinsky, Emory and Henry, $ 92,000. Emma Clevinger, Virginia Tech, $ 49,931. Brenna Cooper, Radford University, $ 14,000. Courtney Cregger, Randolph College, $ 87,388. Ashton Davis, NRCC, $ 9,400. Lacy Donaldson, Radford University, $ 16,000. Ryan Eads, Bluefield State College, $ 1,250. Ally Fleenor, UVA-Wise, $ 93,664. Hannah Flinchum, Radford University, $ 16,000. Jason Golden, Emory and Henry, $ 92,000. Thomas Hanshew, New York University $ 258,400. Jordan Hill, Radford University, $ 17,000. Kaylee Hodge, East Tennessee State, $ 3,000. Mandi Hopper, Radford University, $ 64,000. Aubrey Long, Virginia Tech, $ 10,755. Maime Malacara, Virginia Tech, $ 60,704. Gabriella Martin, NRCC, $ 11,900. Bay Moore, King College, $ 114,200. Campbell Moore, King College, $ 114,200. Anderson Moore, King College, $ 114,200. Zane Morris, Virginia Military Institute, $ 2,200. Xander Pratt, Emory and Henry, $ 167,028. Jack Price, NRCC, $ 9,400. Allen Queen, University of Mary Washington, $ 42,000. Chloe Quesenberry, NRCC, $ 7,796. Elaja Rollins, Old Dominion University, $ 45,792. Joshua Sheets, NRCC, $ 9,400. Molly Singleton, Radford University, $ 4,000. Olivia Smith, Virginia Tech, $ 5,000. Faith Stuart, Radford University, $ 28,000. Gracie Sutphin, William and Mary, $ 161,716. Chloe Thomas, NRCC, $ 9,400. Elly White, Savannah College of Art and Design, $ 240,000.

Altogether, the self-reported scholarships for the PCHS Class of 2022 is $ 2,538,224 for 42 students. This total does not include the local scholarships or all of the 110 students who will take advantage of the ACCE program at NRCC.

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