Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi Cut-Off Marks For All Courses

Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi is a renowned institution in Nigeria known for its commitment to providing quality technical and vocational education. Located in Kishi, Oyo State, the polytechnic offers a wide range of courses designed to equip students with practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary for various industries. One of the crucial aspects for prospective students is understanding the cut-off marks required for admission into different programs.

Understanding Cut-Off Marks

Cut-off marks are the minimum scores that candidates must achieve in their Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to be considered eligible for admission into a particular institution or program. These marks are set to ensure that only candidates with the requisite academic ability are admitted, thereby maintaining educational standards.

Cut-Off Marks for Various Courses at Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi

1. School of Engineering

  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering: 150
  • Computer Engineering: 150
  • Mechanical Engineering: 150
  • Civil Engineering: 150

2. School of Business and Management Studies

  • Accountancy: 140
  • Business Administration: 140
  • Banking and Finance: 140
  • Public Administration: 140

3. School of Environmental Studies

  • Architecture: 140
  • Urban and Regional Planning: 140
  • Estate Management: 140
  • Building Technology: 140

4. School of Science and Technology

  • Computer Science: 150
  • Science Laboratory Technology: 150
  • Statistics: 140
  • Food Technology: 140

5. School of Agricultural Technology

  • Agricultural Technology: 140
  • Animal Production Technology: 140
  • Fisheries Technology: 140

Admission Requirements

To gain admission into Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. UTME Score: Achieve the minimum cut-off mark specified for the desired course.
  2. O’Level Results: Have at least five (5) credits in relevant subjects, including Mathematics and English, in not more than two sittings.
  3. Post-UTME Screening: Participate in and pass the polytechnic’s post-UTME screening exercise.

Importance of Meeting Cut-Off Marks

Meeting the cut-off mark is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Eligibility for Admission: It is the first step to being considered for admission.
  2. Competition: Higher scores can increase the chances of gaining admission, especially for competitive courses.
  3. Scholarships: Some scholarships and financial aid are based on academic performance, including UTME scores.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cut-off mark for Computer Science at Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi?

The cut-off mark for Computer Science at Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi is 150.

Can I apply for admission with a UTME score below the cut-off mark?

No, candidates must meet or exceed the cut-off mark specified for their chosen course to be eligible for admission.

Are there any additional requirements besides the UTME cut-off mark?

Yes, candidates must also have at least five credits in relevant O’Level subjects, including Mathematics and English, and pass the post-UTME screening.

Does Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi accept second-choice candidates?

Admission policies may vary, so it is advisable to check with the polytechnic’s admission office for the most accurate and current information regarding acceptance of second-choice candidates.

How can I prepare for the post-UTME screening at Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi?

Candidates should review past questions, stay updated with the syllabus, and ensure they understand the fundamentals of the subjects related to their chosen course. Additionally, practising time management during mock exams can be beneficial.


Understanding the cut-off marks for various courses at Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi is essential for prospective students aiming to secure admission. Meeting these marks, along with fulfilling other admission requirements, sets the foundation for a successful application. By preparing adequately and staying informed, candidates can enhance their chances of becoming part of this esteemed institution.

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