Huron County Community Foundation Awards $117,000 in 2024 Scholarships

The Huron County Community Foundation recently awarded more than $ 117,000 in scholarships to members of the class of 2024 so they can further their education after graduation.

The scholarships were handed out during an event on April 24 at Verona Hills Golf Club. Guest speaker Haley Talaski shared her story about returning to Huron County after graduating from college.

Here’s a list of 2024 scholarship recipients:

• The Jason Kiehl Memorial Scholarship for Huron Area Technical Center students was awarded in the amount of $ 1,290 each to four graduates – Sam Hass of Bad Ax Public Schools; Caden Boynton and Mitchel Karg of Harbor Beach Community Schools; and Lily Kieliszewski of Ubly Community Schools.

• Nora Franzel of Ubly Community Schools and Austin Volmering of Bad Ax Public Schools each received an award of $ 500 from the Maurer / Yageman Bowling Scholarship Fund.

• Mitchel Karg from Harbor Beach Community Schools received the Michael B. and Regina V. Lasceski Scholarship in the amount of $ 400.

• Hannah Talaski from Caseville Public School and Dylan Zurek from Harbor Beach Community Schools each received an award of $ 1,180 each from the Clarence and Loraine Braun Scholarship.

• Sam Hass from Bad Ax Public Schools, Caden Boynton and Dylan Zurek from Harbor Beach Community Schools, and Lily Kieliszewski from Ubly Community Schools each received $ 1,190 from the Gib Rooney Family Scholarship.

• The Steven Kuzak Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Connor Etzel of Bad Ax Public Schools for $ 5,000.

• The Keith and Bertha McTaggart Scholarship awarded $ 1,500 each to Julius Errer and Hannah Talaski from Caseville Public School, Taylor Schelke and Dylan Zurek from Harbor Beach Community Schools and Matthew Brandel from Ubly Community Schools.

• Tara Hunter from Harbor Beach Community Schools and Lily Kieliszewski from Ubly Community Schools were awarded the Huron Area Tech Center Staff Scholarship for $ 250 each.

• Megan Gracey from Elkton Pigeon Bay Port Schools received the Thumb Chapter MPMCA for $ 245.

Other scholarship recipients by school district are:

BAD AX: Megan Miller, the Bad Ax Norah Dowde Rotary Scholarship for $ 2,200; Austin Volmering, the Claude Marsh Scholarship for $ 5,000; Madelyn Haldane, Collon / Todd Scholarship for $ 1,240; Kate Clancy the Douglas Pankrantz Scholarship for $ 175; Alex Castle the Dr. Edward Steinhardt Family Science Scholarship for $ 22,600; Aaron Sowles, the Ervin Ignash Scholarship for $ 500; Zoe Howard the George E. Green Scholarship for $ 1,800; Austin Volmering the Jimmy Morell Scholarship for $ 250; Haley Newland, the Judge Neil R. MacCallum Memorial Scholarship for $ 2,000; Megan Miller, the Linda Rowland Drama Scholarship for $ 4,800; Theodore Hass, the Susan Herringshaw Memorial Scholarship for $ 1,000; and Zoe Howard the Thelma A. Allen Scholarship for $ 90.

CASEVILLE: Garrett Miller, received the Caseville Scholarship for $ 600; Paige Samborski, the Janet Watts Memorial Scholarship for $ 115; and Hannah Talaski, the Mary K. and Robert Quinn Memorial Scholarship for $ 1,300.

HARBOR BEACH: Tessa Emerick, received the Annabelle Jenks Scholarship for $ 425, the Esther E. Lincoln Scholarship for $ 2,500, the Marla Muter Scholarship for $ 1,700, and the Sgt. Aaron Elandt C. Memorial Scholarship for $ 1,190; Shelby Woodward, received the Beth Kubik Manteuffel Memorial Scholarship for $ 1,000; Mitchel Karg, received the Charlotte Talaski Scholarship for $ 500, and the Deer Acres Scholarship for $ 2,175, Jenna Reinke, received the Harbor Beach Woman’s Club Academic Scholarship for $ 515; Olivia Volmering, the HB FFA Alumni Booster Club Mary Holdwick Memorial Scholarship for $ 500; Airyn Artnz, and Dwayne Idnay, the HB Rotary Clement M. Kubik Scholarship for $ 650 each; Kaylee Holdwick, the Marla Muter Scholarship for $ 1,700; and Brenna Bischer, the Warren S. Eilber Family Scholarship for $ 425.

LAKERS: Maya Viers, the Dr. Donald W. & Sally A. Rogers Family Scholarship for $ 1,000; Alexander Smith, received the ETL Agricultural Legacy Scholarship $ 1,800 and the Virgil & Verneta Bouck Family Scholarship for $ 500; Katie Turner, the Judy K. & Stephen Zagorski Memorial Scholarship for $ 500; and Alexandria Scaddan, the Tom Gettel Memorial Scholarship for $ 1,135.

NORTH HURON: Cheyanne Hoody, received the Robert and Verneta Thuemmel Memorial Scholarship for $ 2,460; and Ellie Bender, the Warren S. Eilber Family Scholarship for $ 425.

OWENDALE-GAGETOWN: Dana Morrish, was awarded the Cooley Family Scholarship for $ 3,134.

UBLY: Lily Kieliszewski and Myah Schulte, the Betty Zulauf Academic Scholarship for $ 1,000 each; Nora Franzel and Myah Schulte, the Francis and Opal Hund Scholarship for $ 1,500 each; and Myah Schulte received the Madeline M. Bauer Scholarship for $ 5,850.

POST GRADS: Garrett Emerick and Chris Keyes received the CA Scheurer and BG Kamlapurker Scholarship for $ 1,390 each; Garrett Emerick, Josh Keyes, Kirah Osentoski, and Madelyn Smalley, the Harbor Beach Community Hospital and the Harbor Beach Hospital Foundation Medical Practitioner Scholarship for $ 1,000 each; and Chris Keyes received the Sara Elizabeth Wood Scholarship for $ 4,000.

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