Niger State Polytechnic Zungeru School Fees For Freshers And Returning Students

Niger State Polytechnic Zungeru, located in Zungeru, Niger State, Nigeria, is renowned for its high-quality education and commitment to preparing students for successful careers. This article provides a detailed guide to the school fees for freshers and returning students for the 2023/2024 academic session.

School Fees :

The school fees at Niger State Polytechnic Zungeru vary based on the chosen course of study. On average, students can expect fees ranging from N150,000 to N350,000. Additionally, there are other mandatory fees, including acceptance fee (N20,000), registration fee (N30,000), examination fee (N15,000), and an optional hostel fee (N100,000).

Factors to Consider When Budgeting:

  1. Cost of Tuition: The primary expense is the cost of tuition, and students should ensure their budget covers this.
  2. Cost of Accommodation: Students must decide between on-campus and off-campus accommodation, considering the associated costs.
  3. Cost of Food: Budgeting for food expenses is crucial, taking into account individual eating habits.
  4. Cost of Transportation: Transportation costs vary based on travel habits, so students should factor this into their budget.
  5. Cost of Books and Supplies: Depending on the course of study, students need to budget for books and supplies.

Reducing School Fees:

To reduce the financial burden, students can explore the following options:

  1. Applying for Scholarships and Financial Aid: Research and apply for available scholarships and financial aid programs.
  2. Living Off Campus: Opting for off-campus accommodation is usually more economical than on-campus living.
  3. Working Part-Time: Students can work part-time to contribute towards their school fees, ensuring a balance with their study commitments.


Q1: How much is the average school fees at Niger State Polytechnic Zungeru? A: The average school fees range from N150,000 to N350,000, depending on the chosen course.

Q2: What are the additional fees apart from tuition? A: Additional fees include acceptance fee (N20,000), registration fee (N30,000), examination fee (N15,000), and an optional hostel fee (N100,000).

Q3: How can students reduce the cost of school fees? A: Students can apply for scholarships, choose off-campus accommodation, and consider part-time work to reduce the overall cost.


This guide provides valuable information on Niger State Polytechnic Zungeru school fees, helping students make informed decisions and plan their budget effectively for the upcoming academic session.

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