Kalac Christal Polytechnic School Fees For Students

Looking for a reputable private polytechnic in Lagos, Nigeria? Kalac Christal Polytechnic might be the answer! Renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and industry-relevant training, this premier institution offers a diverse range of National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programs in fields like engineering, business, computer science, and hospitality.

Understanding School Fees:

Kalac Christal Polytechnic is dedicated to making quality education accessible. The school fees are structured based on the program of study, covering faculty salaries, instructional materials, and facility maintenance. Let’s break down the approximate fees for ND and HND programs:

National Diploma (ND) Programs:

  • School Fees: ₦250,000 – ₦350,000 per semester
  • Acceptance Fee: ₦20,000
  • Hostel Accommodation: ₦50,000 – ₦80,000 per session

Higher National Diploma (HND) Programs:

  • School Fees: ₦280,000 – ₦400,000 per semester
  • Acceptance Fee: ₦25,000
  • Hostel Accommodation: ₦60,000 – ₦90,000 per session

Flexible Payment Options:

Kalac Christal Polytechnic understands the financial challenges students may face. Therefore, flexible payment options are available. Students can choose to pay their fees in full at the beginning, or explore other suitable payment plans.


1. Is financial aid available at Kalac Christal Polytechnic?

  • Kalac Christal Polytechnic provides information about available scholarships and financial aid options on their official website. Prospective students can check the scholarship section for details.

2. Can I apply for admission online?

  • Yes, Kalac Christal Polytechnic offers an online admission application process. Visit their official website and navigate to the admission portal for detailed instructions.

3. What are the admission requirements for ND and HND programs?

  • Detailed admission requirements for each program are listed on the official website. Prospective students can review these criteria to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications.

4. Are there part-time study options available?

  • Kalac Christal Polytechnic understands the diverse needs of students and offers part-time study options for certain programs. Explore the official website for information on part-time programs.


Kalac Christal Polytechnic stands as a beacon of affordable quality education in Lagos. By providing transparent information about school fees, payment options, and addressing common queries through FAQs, the institution aims to make the admission process smooth and accessible to all. Explore their website for more details and take the first step towards a bright academic future!

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