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Welcome to the academic haven of College of Education, Abudu, where the pursuit of knowledge is divided into six well-defined departments. Each department offers a spectrum of National Certificate in Education (NCE) programs tailored to empower students with essential skills and insights.

Let’s delve into the various courses offered by the College, organized by department:

  1. Department of Early Childhood Education:
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Child Psychology
    • Play and Creative Activities in Early Childhood Education
    • Early Childhood Curriculum Development
    • Early Childhood Assessment and Evaluation
  2. Department of Primary Education:
    • Primary Education
    • Primary School Pedagogy
    • Primary School Curriculum Development
    • Primary School Assessment and Evaluation
    • Teaching of Primary School Subjects
  3. Department of Secondary Education:
    • Secondary Education (English Language)
    • Secondary Education (Mathematics)
    • Secondary Education (Biology)
    • Secondary Education (Chemistry)
    • Secondary Education (Physics)
  4. Department of Adult Education:
    • Adult Education
    • Adult Learning Theories
    • Adult Education Curriculum Development
    • Adult Education Methods and Techniques
    • Adult Education Assessment and Evaluation
  5. Department of Business Education:
    • Business Education
    • Accounting for Business Education
    • Office Management for Business Education
    • Business Communication for Business Education
    • Entrepreneurship for Business Education
  6. Department of Educational Technology:
    • Educational Technology
    • Instructional Media and Technology
    • Computer Applications in Education
    • Educational Technology Integration
    • Educational Technology Assessment

Department of Early Childhood Education:

In this department, students immerse themselves in the fundamentals of Early Childhood Education, exploring areas such as Child Psychology, Play, and Creative Activities. The curriculum emphasizes Early Childhood Curriculum Development and Assessment, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of this crucial developmental stage.

Department of Primary Education:

For those aspiring to mold young minds at the primary level, the Department of Primary Education offers a rich array of programs. From Primary School Pedagogy to Teaching of Primary School Subjects, students acquire the skills needed for effective teaching and curriculum development.

Department of Secondary Education:

Dive into the world of secondary education with specialized courses in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. These programs equip students with the knowledge and teaching strategies essential for guiding students through the challenging secondary school years.

Department of Adult Education:

Adult education takes center stage in this department, covering theories, curriculum development, and effective teaching methods for adult learners. Whether you’re interested in Adult Learning Theories or Assessment and Evaluation, this department provides a comprehensive education.

Department of Business Education:

Business-minded individuals can hone their skills in this department, delving into Business Education, Accounting, Office Management, Business Communication, and Entrepreneurship. These courses prepare students for various roles in the business world.

Department of Educational Technology:

Embrace the digital era with programs in Educational Technology. From understanding instructional media to integrating technology into education, this department ensures students are well-versed in the latest tools and methodologies for effective teaching.


  1. What is NCE?
    • NCE stands for National Certificate in Education, a program offered by College of Education, Abudu, to prepare individuals for a career in education.
  2. How many departments are there at the College of Education, Abudu?
    • The college has six distinct departments, each specializing in different aspects of education.
  3. Can I pursue a career in business after completing a course in Business Education?
    • Absolutely! The Business Education department equips students with skills in accounting, office management, business communication, and entrepreneurship, preparing them for diverse roles in the business sector.

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