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Vice President Salaries Structure In Canada

Ever wondered about the financial rewards awaiting Vice Presidents in Canada? We’ve crunched the numbers and delved into the salary data to bring you a comprehensive overview of what to expect in terms of compensation. In this blog post, we’ll explore the average annual salary, additional cash compensation, and the range of earnings for Vice Presidents across the Great White North.

The Numbers:

According to the latest data, the average salary for Vice Presidents in Canada stands at an impressive $212,634 per year. This figure is derived from an extensive dataset of 2212 salaries submitted anonymously by Vice President employees. The transparency of this data provides valuable insights for professionals considering or currently occupying this executive role.

Additional Cash Compensation:

In addition to the base salary, Vice Presidents in Canada enjoy an average additional cash compensation of $42,330. This bonus sweetens the deal, reflecting the recognition of their expertise and contributions to the organizations they serve. It’s worth noting that this extra compensation is not a one-size-fits-all, with a range spanning from $18,724 to $95,696. The variability in these figures emphasizes the diverse nature of industries, companies, and individual performance metrics.

Contributions from the Field:

To arrive at these figures, we relied on the input of 2212 Vice President employees who graciously shared their compensation details anonymously. This level of participation ensures a robust and representative dataset that job seekers, HR professionals, and industry analysts can rely on for informed decision-making.


The Vice President role in Canada comes with a substantial financial reward, as evidenced by the average annual salary of $212,634. The additional cash compensation, ranging from $18,724 to $95,696, adds another layer of attractiveness to this executive position. As the business landscape continues to evolve, understanding the compensation trends is crucial for both professionals seeking career growth and organizations aiming to attract top talent.

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