Salary Structure

Product Manager Salaries Structure

Ever wondered about the earning potential of Product Managers in the United Kingdom? Look no further. In this blog post, we delve into the salary landscape, bringing you the latest insights based on 11,513 anonymous submissions to Glassdoor.

The Average Annual Salary:

As of the latest data, the average annual salary for Product Managers in the UK stands at an impressive £67,583. This figure gives us a glimpse into the rewarding nature of a career in product management.

Additional Cash Compensation:

But wait, there’s more! Product Managers in the UK also enjoy additional cash compensation, averaging at £6,823 per year. This extra income sweetens the deal, providing professionals in this role with added financial perks.

Variability in Additional Cash Compensation:

The range of additional cash compensation is noteworthy, spanning from £3,499 to £13,305. This variability suggests that factors such as experience, company size, and industry play a significant role in determining the overall compensation package for Product Managers.

Data Source:

Our insights are drawn from a substantial pool of 11,513 salary submissions, all submitted anonymously by Product Manager employees on Glassdoor. This diverse dataset allows us to provide a comprehensive overview of the earning potential in the field.


In conclusion, the world of Product Management in the UK is not only intellectually rewarding but financially lucrative as well. With an average annual salary of £67,583 and additional cash compensation ranging from £3,499 to £13,305, professionals in this field are well-rewarded for their skills and contributions.

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