Salary Structure

Actuary Salaries Structure

In the dynamic landscape of the United Kingdom’s job market, the role of an Actuary stands out as a lucrative and rewarding career path. Actuaries are professionals trained to assess and manage financial risks, making them essential contributors to various industries. If you’re considering a career in actuarial science or simply curious about the compensation associated with this profession, we’ve gathered insightful data to provide you with a comprehensive overview.

Average Salary: £84,591 per year

According to information gathered from 505 anonymously submitted salaries on Glassdoor, the average annual salary for an Actuary in the United Kingdom is an impressive £84,591. This figure reflects the competitive nature of the profession and the value companies place on the skills and expertise of actuaries.

Additional Cash Compensation: £9,169 on average

In addition to the base salary, many actuaries in the UK enjoy additional cash compensation. On average, this supplementary income amounts to £9,169 per year. This extra financial reward highlights the recognition of actuaries’ contributions and their ability to navigate complex financial landscapes effectively.

Varied Compensation Range: £5,120 – £16,419

It’s essential to note that the additional cash compensation for actuaries in the United Kingdom can vary. The range extends from £5,120 to £16,419, showcasing the flexibility in compensation packages offered by different employers. Factors such as experience, industry, and individual performance likely contribute to the variation within this range.

Transparency through Anonymity

The salary information provided is based on 505 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Actuary employees in the United Kingdom. The anonymity of these submissions ensures that the data is unbiased and reflective of the real experiences of professionals in the field.


The field of actuarial science in the United Kingdom not only offers intellectually stimulating work but also provides competitive financial rewards. With an average annual salary of £84,591 and additional cash compensation ranging from £5,120 to £16,419, actuaries are well-rewarded for their expertise in managing financial risks.

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